Optional Fort William
Sea Cadet Training

The optional training program at Fort William prides itself on excellent training opportunities for those who want to get the most out of their cadet experience. A list of optional activities includes:​

  • Orienteering
  • Band
  • Biathlon
  • Drill Teams
  • Marksmanship
  • Small Craft Operations
  • Sailing
  • Fitness

Teams / Sports / Clubs

All cadets are welcome to join a team!

No age restrictions and No prior knowledge needed.

Music & Band: Are you interested in learning to play an instrument? Or maybe you already know how! In the band you will learn how to play in a large marching unit and have the opportunity to compete in a competition held every year in May.

Biathlon: The biathlon team focuses on cross country skiing and marksmanship. Cadets ski a course to various targets with their rifles and shoot for accuracy. Do you think you can handle this physically demanding sport?

Drill Team with and without Arms: Learn military drill and marching. Work closely with you team to perform movements together as a unit. Being a member of the drill team requires discipline, teamwork and persistence. We are the best of the best!

Marksmanship: Cadets perfect their skills shooting the Daisy 853C air rifle and the .22cal Lee Enfield rifles. Do you have the patience and attention to detail required to become a top marksman?

Orienteering: Using map and compass only, cadets navigate their way through the woods to find hidden markers for time. Keen problem solving and navigation skills are required to undertake this challenging sport.

Seamanship: Cadets learn numerous naval skills and techniques. You will learn to build a gyn, throw a monkey fist, and more. All of your teams’ skills will be tested at the annual seamanship competition. 

Sailing: Fort William is known for training our sailors. You will learn the basics and hone those skills at our local nautical site. Sailing as a sport involves a variety of competitive sailing formats. 


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